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Hello! I'm Elaine, a Product Designer & an E-commerce UX, Specialist.


I've been helping people to enjoy their online shopping experience since 2018 when I pivoted into UX design as a visual designer.

I led end-to-end design from concept development to implementation of valuable features (incl. solving complex problems and leveraging the shopping navigation system), achieving the target of improving the average session of duration by 6.5% within 10 months. Also, I've addressed the pain points of the checkout procedure, which resulted in a 14.6% increase in the overall conversion rate and a 3% reduction in the bounce rate.

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Provide the best-balanced solution to solve a complex problem.

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Information architecture, user interface and handoff of the design specifications.  

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Conduct a user testing in the mid of the design process to refine the decision.

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Offer users a seamless experience from offline stores to online shopping journeys.

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