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City Signage Marquette

Sculptural Typography Signage

Process Work

Yonge & Dundas Square is a lively city square in Toronto. This school project is about a re-designed a piece of sculptural typography signage for Yonge & Dundas Square.

Challenges:  Excepted for being functional, what else shall we deliver to the Torontonians by installing this piece of sculptural typography signage?

Goals: Straightforward wayfinding design with meaningful collaborations to stimulate Torontonians' awareness of environment-friendly and caring for public facilities.

Process: Investigation > Setting purpose  > Prototype > Design > Craft

Final Work

Unique Solution: Instead of designing billboard-like signage, I boldly created a 3D wayfinding system, the types exactly stand on its direction, so even someone is not familiar with south, east, west, and north, he or she still could immediately know which road is Dundas St, and which way is Yonge St. Meanwhile, Toronto's landmarks were painted on the bases of the types, which has the function of introducing the city. The sawtooth on each letter's inner edges represents the parts of the city's facilities were destroyed. And the twigs were played a critical role in reminding people to think about the environment. 

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