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T&T Supermarket

Sales-Driven Case 1

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Promote New Arrivals

According to our users' basket analysis, 65% of returning shoppers often buy similar groceries. We are glad that our products became their "must-haves". On top of that, we still want to introduce our trending products to tie them.

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• User: More trending products to explore 
• Business: Increasing returning customers' basket size and showing the competitiveness of products.
• Product: To test if new arrivals are worthing to be a long-term section or not.


Create weekly updated banners to expose new arrivals.




5 Months


1. New arrival pageviews increased 200%, sales increased 12%. 
2. New arrivals became T&T 2022 innovative category. Now, it is on the top navigation bar.

Sales-Driven Case 2


Optimizing Products Navigation

As one of the biggest Asian Grocery Supermarkets in Canada, T&T has over 1500 beauty and wellness products. From 2020 to 2021, all the categories maintained the same display and navigation structure. The beauty category became the weakest among them—lowest page views and lowest sales. However, the sales of beauty products have increased by double digits in offline stores. This encourages us to consider that the beauty category still has a big potential for growing its online sales. 

So, in this stage, we aim to create a clearer way to present its subcategories as well as the featured products.

Multi-dimensional Navigation Pattern

Flow 1:  Main Category > Main Landing Page > Shop by Category & Shop by Brands

navigation flow.png

Flow 2:  Main Category > Main Landing Page > Shop by Category &  Shop by Brands


Multi-dimensional displaying pattern

Top-selling section: apply product description to highlight positive features
Shop by category: help users easily search items
Shop by brand: educate the market and to better present our business partners
Seasonal section: follow current social events to have the empathy with our users

Top selling.png


The beauty category's pageviews increased 23% after this optimization. Moreover, this increase happened during the period when total user views dropped 15%. As the pageviews grew dramatically, in March 2022, our team applied these design patterns to the Home & Living category. And I was taken in charge of the Beauty & Home department to work on more innovative projects to drive their sales. 

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