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T&T Supermarket

E-commerce Campaign Templates 



From 2020-to 2021, the average number of hours a designer spent on a front-end campaign design is 22 hours, coding occupied around 40% of their time. Also, sales data showed different comparing layouts shares similar sales percentage and clicks. 

Campaign Template.png

How to improve team efficiency?

1. Designed a campaign template to meet the necessary functions and display needs.
2. Cooperated with engineers to set them up as the CMS models on the backend.


Help team save 40% of the time on creating campaign's webpages. Moreover, deploying the promotional campaign no longer required coding skills. This allows more co-workers to get started easily. In 2022, we duplicated this method on PC's campaign page as well because of the success and colleague's positive feedback.

Banner Design
According to the Returning Consumer's basket analysis, we found 65% of people used to buy similar groceries. However, every week, we have at least 100+ SKUs will be uploaded to the website. 
Assumption: Increase returning consumer's basket size by exposing more new arrivals 
Solution: Create New Arrivals' Banners every week & using the hero items to increase the product competitiveness
Frequency: weekly 
Duration:  5 months
Result 1: New arrivals pageviews increased 200%, sales increased 12%. 
Result 2: New arrivals became T&T 2022 innovative category which is occupying a position on the header currently. 

For Easily Operated:  establish the resident modules 
1. For those routine works, for example, new arrivals, seasonal products, we create the modules, automatically display the product if we uploaded the relative products on the backend

For Easily Finding the products:  More display entrance and  fixed navigation bar
2. For those who have a lot of sub-categories and thrid-categories, we create more entrances on the homepage


Create different perspectives to help users explore more products 
"Hero Item" Section 
By brand 
By promotional banner 
By review 

The Problem

As a business with three major types of service models—Express Delivery (fresh & groceries), Mail Delivery (non-perishable) and Pickup (hot food & pre-order & others), checkout is technically complex. The most difficult part of redesigning the checkout flow was addressing potential errors states and edge cases that can occur during the checkout procedure. 

Our research showed shoppers terminated their checkout due to the errors of unavailable items or selected services. And most of them had to go back to the shopping cart to fix the errors. 

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