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5/5 Light

A Charitable Brand Launch

Digital Sketch

LIGHT5/5 is a pocket-sized light, which is charging in the sun for 5-hour and then gives people 5-hour soft light when they needed. 

Challenges: Establish a belief for consumers to purchase the light, which may help to change someone's life.

Goals: To increase sales and to get more awareness of this brand.

Process: Know about product > Define target group > Work on brand story > Create concept > Design > Feedback > Final 

Product—5/5 Light 


UX & UI Design

Unique Solution: The warm yellow helps people to link with hope, warmth, and power. So I decided to choose it as the central theme of branding. Another feature of the product is a featherweight item, which gives me an idea of creating a visual feeling of light. The design focused on transferring the products' features visually and on encouraging customers to be proud of their purchasing behavior.

Another design solution is designing a mobile app to engage people to support the needed community.

Group 156.png


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