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T&T Supermarket 2022

Integrating a New Feature
— Mix and Match

Role: Data Analysis, UX research & UX / UI
Team: 1 Product Manager / 3 Engineers / 1 Project Manager /

1 Business Operation Manager
Type: Responsive Web  & Native App ( IOS & Android )
Tools:  Adobe XD / Miro / Figma
Timeline:  August 2022 - September 2022

Released Time: September 2022

Mix-and-Match Meaning in Retail Business  

The Mix and Match promotion gives customers a discount when they buy a specific number of items from the predefined item list. The promoted items could be a single product or product family. 

Frame 189.png

Customers might often see this promotion in the supermarket or supermarket's weekly flyers.

Business Opportunity 

Offline stores' sales reports showed mix-and-match promotion drove the double digits growth in sales in the recent three years. So, we strongly believe it will help the online business if we integrate this feature appropriately. 

Competitor Analysis


use the tag to indicate the promotion 


after clicking the tag, pup up a layer to show the product detailed information


• lack of a call to action button to guide users to explore more

• have an obstacle for users to understand selecting the product family to get the discount, not only just for this particular item


use short description

to show the promotion


double display the mix-and-match information on the product detail page


• hard to find the information

• only can use on a single item 


Frame 190.png


Mix-and-Match on the product listing page


Mix-and-Match on the product detail page

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