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Tandura Centre

Contemporary Art Museum Branding

Tandura Centre for Arts and Culture exhibits modern visual artists' work, focusing on large-scale and complex installations. It was also featured in holding performance, including pop-music, contemporary dance, and drama. 

Challenges:  How to translate a Contemporary Art Center's identity in an approachable feeling to the public, especially for those young audiences?

Goals: Encourage the young generation to explore contemporary art intuitively. 

Mock Up Gallery

Process Work

Process: Learn about the client  > Define target group  > Design > Feedback > Outcomes

UX & UI Design 

Unique Solution: Bold color choice, sharp font design, and dynamic components to challenge the social stereotype of the identity of museums and art centers. Also, the choice of color expresses the cohesive art collections (navy blue), the essence of creativity (cyan), the all-around sensory enjoyment (purple), and the energy and interaction with the art (orange) that the Tandura Center prefers bringing to its audience.  

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