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Toronto Furniture Biennale

Exhibition Launch

Toronto Furniture Biennale is an exhibition held by the Design Exchange in Toronto.  

Challenges: Introducing the Exhibition to the public and encourage people to participate in this event, including visiting different brand's products and joining in the guests' speeches. 

Brochure Cover

UX & UI Design


Goals: To sell the exhibition tickets and to arouse the public's awareness of this exhibition.

Brochure Inside & Outside Panels


Process: Discovery the event  > Research User > Design > Test in Target Group > Final 

Unique Solution: Not only employee the 2D materials, but I was also paying attention to the 3D teaser and digital applications to make the tickets selling process more accessible. And I created the organic shapes to create the sections, which helps setting off the die-cut furniture's images and clarify the event's information.

Digital Applications

Web & App

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